Thursday, December 11, 2014

Steve Dolinsky: Top 5 Fried Chickens in Chicago

We've had the pleasure of having Mr. Steve Dolinsky enjoy our signature Korean fried chicken wings a few times. We're honored to be included in his latest list of "Top 5 Fried Chickens in Chicago."

"One of the keys to Crisp’s Korean fried chicken (the original KFC), is frying it twice, like a great French fry, first in a pressure fryer, then a second time to-order. You could leave it at that, and go with the Plain Jane, but I would strongly recommend either the BBQ – engulfed in an assertive Korean gogjujang paste with just enough kick to keep you awake at night – or my favorite, the Seoul Sassy, coated in a sweet/tangy sauce combining sesame, garlic and soy. Loyalists of Super H Mart in Niles will claim Toreore Chicken & Joy is superior, but they would be wrong."

For the list, see his website.


Wednesday, November 26, 2014 An Expert's Guide to the 9 Best Wings in Chicago

"Oh, and everything is made in-house, and the chicken's never frozen, Now that's some fresh chicken."

Thanks much to for including CRISP in "An Expert's Guide to the 9 Best Wings in Chicago" list. We were proud to represent as the only Korean Fusion wings featured in the article :)

How to you create wings that are addictive, yet original? Well, it all starts with a little Korean zing. There's a noticeable difference between these wings and anything else you'll find in Chicago, and it all boils down to the fact that they're not going for shock value nor simplicity, but, rather, they're looking to provide a complex eating experience with something as simple as chicken wings. The "Sassy" Wings aren't actually spicy at all, but their flavor has a familiar Asian sweetness to it that you just can't get enough of. Marinate it with a little bit of Buddha Sauce for an experience like nothing else. Oh, and everything is made in-house, and the chicken's never frozen. Now that's some fresh chicken.

For the other list makers, see the website.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

CRISP is CLOSED on Thanksgiving

CRISP will be closed on Thanksgiving!
Happy Holidays to CRISP Nation!
Enjoy the other bird :)


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

CRISP makes 21 Best Chicken Joints in the USA! Thanks Thrillist!

Thrillist comprised 21 of the best chicken wing restaurants in America regardless of how they are prepared (naked, sauced, smoked, etc). The competition was based on meat quality, innovation, and overall atmosphere. We are so honored and grateful to be recognized as well as be the only restaurant from #Chicago to make the list.


Chicago, IL
The name says it all, really. These twice-fried Korean style beauties have a flawlessly textured skin that yields to a juicy interior and thoughts of tearing into another one before you've even finished the one you're presently dispatching. Get them BBQ style (a harmonious marriage of American and Korean flavor profiles) or go for the Seoul Sassy, a symphony of ginger-soy-garlic goodness.

See THRILLIST.COM for the rest of the list makers. 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Chicago Traveler: Best Wings in Chicago – Top 13

Thank you to Ross Perkins of The Chicago Traveler. CRISP is honored for being included in the "Best Wings in Chicago -Top 13" List!

"Crisp’s wings have said to be a near religious experience. These Korean-style wings do not skimp out on portions or flavor. The wings come whole–wing and drum remain connected. You will not find a large selection of traditional sauces here, you have to settle with plain fried, bbq, buffalo, and their signature Seoul Sassy. When I say settle, I mean that you would not want to choose from anything else anyways. Their Seoul Sassy wings are on an entirely new level. I highly recommend snagging a side of their atomic sauce to dip the wings in. You will not be left wondering why these are named some of the best wings in Chicago."


Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween from Crisp!


We know it's cold, so place some deliveries, or wo/man up and come watch The Hunger Games with us.


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